Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Long time, no type. Surprise.

It's been a while since I posted. But things are moving along. So in repair news: We got the roof replaced!!! Woo-hoo! They did the roof tiles, the decking (plywood) for the entire roof, and the little roofs over the bay window and front door. It took them maybe 3.5 days in October and cost ~12K. Which is still 3K less than that other guy quoted me back in 2008.  So. Awesome. Thank you, Eyles Construction from Fitchburg, MA.

We've also replaced the messed up lights and faucet in the downstairs bathroom. It's a lot brighter in there, now. I hated those candle bulbs we had in there. The candelabra light fixtures looked nice, and seemed like a good idea when we put them in, but ugh. That just did not work out well. Plus old, sad-looking brass color didn't wear well and looked incredibly dated. Normally that wouldn't bother me. I don't mind all the honey colored wood that people on TV and in DIY blogs and forums are shrieking about. It's just wood. Maybe if it went with that beveled wood-edge countertop that looks like a cafeteria it would bother me. But we don't have that. Just the wood. Although the vanity in my bathroom is still in need of painting. I have to get around to that eventually, when it's warm enough to leave the windows open, but I'm not in pain.

Which, yeah. Pain. I've been in a fair amount. My back is getting worse again, and my shoulder isn't getting better, because PT sent me back to the doctor last month. But the doctor can't see me until the 11th of this month. So I'm on hold. I'm supposed to be doing my exercises and stretches, but it's hard. I've been stretching as much as I can, but strength building is harder. There's always somebody coming in or out of my door, and that's the only place I can attach the bands. And right now my back and hips hurt so bad that I am having to use the heating pad. It helps, but they still hurt. Sick of taking pain killers, though, and after surgery I'm not going to be able to have NSAIDs, anyway. Oh, yeah. I'm having weight loss surgery (gastric bypass) in April. Sick of being fat, and my high blood pressure qualifies me, even though my weight comes in a little too low. Anyway.

So we're on hold with the renovations and repairs until after Christmas, I think. I don't foresee myself getting out of pain and inspired to start working on the house, nor do I see myself having the money. Plus anything that involves getting a dumpster is going to have to wait until... summer, maybe? Can't do it in the winter. It fills with snow. Can't do it in the spring. Surgery. Ugh. Complicated. But I think we can get some stuff in after Christmas and before surgery. Possibly painting the stairs area. Haven't gotten to that, yet. And also possibly my room. I'm not going to feel like doing my room after surgery, so, I should probably do it beforehand. But that involves replacing parts of the ceiling drywall, which is not something I'm looking forward to at all. Ah well. Oh, and I really have to figure out how to catch up on the taxes, because that's not going anywhere. Gah.

So at some point when it's light out I'll see if I can get a decent photo or so of the new roof.  And I'll also try and get a couple of the faucet and lights downstairs. I need to add some wood or something behind the light fixtures, because they don't quite fit into the wall the way the old ones did. So either they need to be built up, or sunken down into the wall. I'm thinking decorative build up, personally. Easier.

Thanks to everyone who's helped, sent money, encouragement, thoughts, ideas, or whatever. Totally appreciated. You guys are the best.